2018 Fixture

1 Saturday 7th April Richmond Brighton/Pontville
2 Saturday 14th April University University
3 Saturday 21st April Hutchins Geilston Bay
4 Saturday 28th April DOSA TCA
5 Saturday 5th May St Virgils New Town Oval
6* Saturday 12th May University Geilston Bay
7 Saturday 26th May Richmond Richmond
8 Saturday 2nd June Hutchins Geilston Bay
9 Saturday 16th June DOSA TCA
10 Saturday 23rd June St Virgils Geilston Bay
11 Saturday 30th June Richmond Geilston Bay
12 Saturday 7th July University University
13 Saturday 21st July Hutchins Queensborough
14 Saturday 28th July DOSA Geilston Bay
15 Saturday 4th August St Virgils Geilston Bay
16 Saturday 11th August Richmond Richmond
17 Saturday 18th August University Geilston Bay
18 Saturday 25th August St Virgils New Town Oval

All Reserves games commence at 11:30 am and Senior at 2:00pm, with exception of Round 6.

*Due to the 100 year Dinner being held on the 12th May, the Reserves will commence at 11:00am and the Seniors at 1:30pm on this day only.